Writing is hard, often solitary work. It takes discipline and sustained vision to complete projects. Sometimes, what a writer needs is a fresh eye. Sometimes, a writer needs support—to achieve their goals and to help them get through the process of writing.

If you are a writer, I can help you reach those goals. I have been assisting fiction, non-fiction, and academic writers as an editor and coach for many years. I have helped writers refine their work, ready it for publication, get past blocks, and deal with the stress and uncertainty of the writing life. Over the years, I have developed an approach rooted in respect for my clients’ situations, beliefs, and processes, and my belief that we can find practical, creative solutions to even the most existential of problems. All my services are tailored to each client, so that he or she can finish that project, push past a sticky point, rediscover his or her love of writing, and get their work out into the world.

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You feel stuck. Your narrative seems to be escaping you. You’re having trouble sitting down to write. You have put so much pressure on yourself that you can’t move forward with your project. You’re feeling like you need to move beyond where you are now, whether that be a plot point, a certain level of achievement, a need to get outside of your own head, or any of the other issues that can sneak up on a writer. I will work with you to help you get a better handle on time and/or stress management, or help you refine your writing, plotting, and thinking. Here’s what that looks like: 

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scheduled meetings, half-hour each; in person, via Skype, or phone (We’ll determine frequency based on your goals)
  • Detailed, tailored-to-youexercises and assignments between meetings
  • Actionable goal-setting that you can use beyond our engagement together
  • E-mail support between meetings

You’ve shown your work to your best friend, your workshop or critique pals, and your significant other. Now you may need a practiced eye: Your critique group might know you too well. Your friends love you. I am an experienced, supportive, and objective reader. I will provide:

  • Fresh, honest feedback 
  • A kickoff meeting about your expectations and wishes for the manuscript; in-person or via Skype or phone (1 hour max)
  • A written report on everything from plot points to characterization and voice (if the manuscript warrants it)
  • A follow-up phone consultation (up to an hour) about your manuscript
  • An initial plan on how to query and where

You’ve written a book, article, story, or chapter. You know it needs work, but you’ve been living with it so intimately that you need someone else who can assess it. I will go through your manuscript and give you directed feedback on the big picture: structural analysis, plot, theme, premise, symbolism, tension, pacing, character development, voice, revising and restructuring your work, and more. I will provide:

  • Comments on the draft itself
  • A summary of the comments to identify the areas that I believe need the most work and my suggestions for how to address them. These could include suggestions for reorganization, plot improvements, consistent characterization, and more!


Like most editors, I am finicky when it comes to the details of writing. If you choose to add a line editing component, I will also:

  • Check your work for spelling, grammar, and syntax
  • Provide suggestions regarding word choice and sentence structure
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